Tuesday, November 9, 2010

WoW Armory App For Palm Pre

I've had my Palm Pre for just over a year, and up until today, I've never purchased an app. I've download plenty of free apps, but today marks the day I found an app I was willing to shell out a whopping .99 cents for. I purchased the WoW Armory app for my Palm Pre.
Almost all of the info from the WoW Armory, set up for perfect viewing on your Pre. Just click the item slot, and the item info comes up in the center part of the screen. You can see all their gear, stats, PvP stats, reputations, achievement points along with the 5 most recent achievements and their recent activity.
Under the stats window, you can see the primary AND secondary talent specs, professions, along with all the regular stats.
The Wow Armory Palm Pre app can found in your app catalogue.
If you play World Of Warcraft, and you have a Palm Pre, you need this app!
(and yes, thats my uber Shaman in the screenshot)

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