Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SimCity 2013 Error 3000

I have a copy of SimCity 2013. It's a great game, and I'm enjoying it very much.

Unfortunately, most of the time when I go to start it up, I get an "ERROR 3000" window and the game crashes.

I have stumbled on a way to get the game to run.

In WINDOWS XP, you need to go to your START menu, and choose RUN. Then type in "regedit"

Navigate through to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Maxis/SimCity

The "DisplayName" field had data set as "SimCity?"

Right-click on the DisplayName field and hit modify, and then remove the ? in the data field. Exit the editor and start the game again. Now it should start up fine.

The next time you go to start the game, the error will likely appear. Simply go back into regedit, and if you haven't used it for anything, it will open back up where you left it last time. Put the question mark back into the DisplayName field and exit again. The game should start again.

Just continue modifying the DisplayName field each time this error comes up, and it should continue getting you into the game.

Why does this work? I have NO IDEA! I just know that it has worked for me every time I try to start the game and get the ERROR 3000.

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to get American Netflix in Canada on your PC

EDIT SEPT 29/16: This method no longer works due to changes by Netflix. I am currently unaware of any working way to get a different countries version of Netflix. I just use Kodi now instead.


A very easy way to watch the American version of Netflix up here in Canada (and trust me, it's way better) is to use the HOLA extension for Google Chrome. Of course, this only works from a PC, so if you use a PS3, Xbox or some other way to view Netflix, then you'll need another way to achieve this.

If you're not already using Chrome, you can install it from HERE.

Now install the HOLA extension. Don't worry, it's free!

You will see a little fireball icon in the upper right side of your screen. (I also have Adblock, which is an awesome ad blocking extension, and StumbleUpon. )

Now just go the Netflix site like you normally do, and enjoy all the extra shows!

On my XP computer, it went straight to the site. On my Windows 7 computer, a warning about which site I wanted and which site I was actually going to popped up, but in this rare case, it's safe to ignore that warning.

Friday, June 21, 2013

App Lets You Tattle On Bad Parking Jobs And Make Money Doing It

Click here to read the news story.

Click here to go to their webpage.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

How To Save Pictures From Google Drive To Your Android Phone

I recently started using Google Drive. I wanted to use it as an easy way to transfer files from my computer to my phone, but I quickly hit a snag in the process. I was unable to actually save the pictures I added to MyDrive onto my phone. I could view them in the drive app, but couldn't use them in my MultiPicture Live Wallpaper app,  because they were not showing up in my Gallery. I like this app because it will scale down a full sized picture so it fits on each background screen, instead of stretching it out across the different screens as android does on its own.

So, what to do? After much Googling, I found the answer in another app that I already have and use on my phone. ES File Explorer, which I found is handy when I want to move stuff around while I'm at home, on my WiFi network.

Open Es File Explorer, and press the press the globe/phone icon in the top left corner. You should see this menu:

Click on the Cloud option, and then link it with your Google Drive account. Now when you open up Drive from here, you can select the files you want by long-pressing (push and hold on the file until it becomes selected with a check mark in the corner) and selecting the "More" option from the bottom bar, and choosing "Move to" from that menu. From there you can save the file wherever you like. I chose to put my picture in the "Pictures" folder, where it then shows up in my gallery. 

Hopefully, Google with add a way to do this on their own straight from the Drive app, but until then, this way get the job done.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How To Save YouTube Videos

UPDATE:SEPT 29/16 : I now just use www.clipconverter.cc. Paste the link to the YouTube video, choose your format and download the video. Works great for music as well.



There is a easy way to save YouTube videos.

While the video is playing, simply right click anywhere in the player window and select POP OUT.

The video will start playing in a new window. Right click anywhere in THAT window, and one of the options is "save video as".

The video will be in MP4 format, although it won't come up with that file extension on its own. It wasn't going to save the video with any file extension, so I ran it through mediainfo and it said MPEG-4. I saved the file with an ".mp4" extension (by typing that after the file name I chose) and I was able to play it just fine in my VLC player.

Please keep in mind though, this method only works with files that are not copyright protected by the user who uploaded it.


Another method is to simply add the letters "ss" to the url in the url bar at the top of the page, right before the word "youtube".
That means that "www.youtube.com/watch?blahblah" becomes "www.ssyoutube.com/watch?blahblah".

After typing in the "ss" hit enter, and it will take take you to savefrom.net, where the youtube file will now be available in links at the right side, in many different types of file formats.

I haven't test this way much, but I believe it will let you save any video, regardless of the copyright status.