Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Playstation Network Down Another Week?

Here is a link to the latest blog posting at the Playstation website. Looks like it could be another week before we see any COD action. This post at least has some info on what is going on with the network.
Another week without Black Ops? Bah....

I am enjoying Age Of Empires Online very much. I've joined the beta, and I've been playing it all weekend. I'll post a review of it when I've gotten a little further (only level 10 so far), but at least its given me something to do while Sony gets its eggs in row.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sony Network Still Down

We are on to day 3 now of the playstation network being down. I've heard from some sites that Sony have stated they are trying to plug the holes that hackers are using to exploit the network, and they won't put the network back online until they have finished.
There is no end in sight!
I miss Black Ops!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playstation Network Down, Machines Taking Over? (UPDATED)

The Sony network went down some time last night, and remains down today. Most news sites are saying that it could be at least another day before things are up and running again. It is apparently not due to hacking, but some other unspecified cause.
No COD: Black Ops for me tonight I guess.

On a side note, today is supposed to be the day stated in the Terminator movies that the machines first take over. Could this be the beginning of the end? Lets hope not, I still have a prestige level to finish!

UPDATE APRIL 26: Found THIS blog post at the Playstation site just now. Looks like there is no end in sight! At least they have actually come out with a bit of an explanation this time.