Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Tether Abandoned

UPDATE DEC 28/10. I received an iPad for Christmas. Turns out that My Tether works fine on it. I was able to get an internet signal where no wifi existed, completely on my Palm Pre.

UPDATE NOV 10/10. Got a comment from someone (anonymous, see bottom of this posting) who says they donated and got access recently. That sounds promising, but I can't help but wonder why the creator only posts in the private donor forums, ignoring the public access forms. It doesn't look good on him or his program if the only access to info a potential customer has looks like the current forums do. I'm still skeptical, but am willing to donate and see for myself. I'll update again once I've done so.

I recently updated my my older My Tether posting, but thought I'd create a new post to keep everyone up to date on what I've found.

Earlier, I posted that My Tether was the best way to achieve tethering with your Palm Pre.

However, it seems that the creator of My Tether has abandoned his project. There has been no word from him on the My Tether Forums since August. Here is a link to his last posting. In fact, the forums have degenerated into a forum for spammers. Most of the newest posts are simply spams for other stuff, and the entire forum seems to be unmoderated. There a quite a few posts from unhappy people claiming to have donated, but have not received access to the donation version of My Tether.

My recommendation would be to simply stick with the free version of My Tether. I cannot recommend donating for the full version, as there is no guarantee (and it actually seems very unlikely) that you'll gain access to the full version program. If Aonic makes an appearance, I'll update this post, but for now I'd have to say "Do not risk donating for the full version of My Tether".


  1. Just donated and installed without issue using Palm webOS 1.4.5

    The public forum is spammy (and no activity from the creator), but the donor forum is clean and active with postings as new as yesterday.

  2. Thanks for the info. I've updated this posting.

  3. No problem!

    To clarify, the creator has not posted anywhere since August, but the donor forum has active posts from users.

    The app works great with my iPad and netbook and the speed is really good. Now I just wait and see how Bell Canada feels about me tethering on my unlimited plan.


  4. So the donation process is automated? Its good to hear that the full version work and has support from fellow users.