Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jason Barr from The Dean Blundell Show

UPDATE JAN 25 2011 : For those of you still coming across this posting, Jason Barr has recently joined Chris Biggs on the 97.7 HTZ-FM morning show. I have yet to catch the show, but I will make a point of listening and posting on what I think of the show.

Update Jan 29 2011 : I've caught the show a couple of times now. I usually switch off the Dean Blondell show when they get going on the Meatus spelling bee. I hate that part, so I've been switching to 97.7. It's good to hear Jason on the radio again, and so far, their show has been pretty funny. If  you haven't listened to it yet, I recommend you give it a listen!

I listened to the guys on my way in to work this morning. Although they are still saying they can't comment on what happened, I heard that if you email them, they will tell you what happened. I'll send an email shortly and see what they say.

ADDED 9:38pm. Got a response from Dean already! He says that they still can't comment, but that they will be able to comment soon. Oh well. We just have to be patient I guess.

UPDATE OCT 4, 2010: This posting seems to be getting a lot of hits, so I just wanted to update it for everyone checking it out. Although the guys had said they would talk about what happened with Jason Barr in a little while, not a peep has been heard about it from anyone. I've scoured the internet, and can find no news whatsoever. It looks like unless Jason himself makes a posting or something, we're not going to get to find out what exactly happened to him. I miss him on the show, and wish the best of luck to him in whatever path he decides to pursue next.

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