Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How To Get Your Xbox To Play All Your Media Files

I use my Xbox 360 as a media streaming device for my TV. I download videos to my computer, and stream them through the Xbox to my big screen TV. Up until recently, I had simply used Windows Media Player to stream my videos. For the most part it worked ok, but sometimes I would come across a file that wouldn't play properly, or not at all. Sometimes the video would be really choppy, sometimes the sound would get out of sync, or sometimes the videos would just not show up on the playlists at all. Now, I've found TVersity.


TVersity is designed specifically to stream content. It has a free version that works just fine for standard streaming. You can download it here. I installed the free version, but they also have a PRO version that adds the ablility to watch internet content on your tv, as well as allowing streaming to IPods/IPads etc.
Once TVersity has installed, just click the big plus sign in the upper left, and browse to the folder containing your videos. Then click the TV icon next to the plus sign, choose "start sharing service" and you're all set! I've been using TVersity for a week or so now. Videos that were not showing up on my playlist now show up and play fine. I also can play some older videos that would only play in choppy bits or would not stay in sync with the audio. Thanks to TVersity, streaming videos to my TV has never been easier!

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