Tuesday, February 4, 2014

How to get American Netflix in Canada on your PC

EDIT SEPT 29/16: This method no longer works due to changes by Netflix. I am currently unaware of any working way to get a different countries version of Netflix. I just use Kodi now instead.


A very easy way to watch the American version of Netflix up here in Canada (and trust me, it's way better) is to use the HOLA extension for Google Chrome. Of course, this only works from a PC, so if you use a PS3, Xbox or some other way to view Netflix, then you'll need another way to achieve this.

If you're not already using Chrome, you can install it from HERE.

Now install the HOLA extension. Don't worry, it's free!

You will see a little fireball icon in the upper right side of your screen. (I also have Adblock, which is an awesome ad blocking extension, and StumbleUpon. )

Now just go the Netflix site like you normally do, and enjoy all the extra shows!

On my XP computer, it went straight to the site. On my Windows 7 computer, a warning about which site I wanted and which site I was actually going to popped up, but in this rare case, it's safe to ignore that warning.

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