Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Black Ops Disconnects with Distributel and VoIP

UPDATE JULY 23/11: check the bottom of the post for instructions on how to turn on DMZ on your voip modem.

I have been playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops for about 2 weeks now. It's a fantastic game, especially the online multiplayer, where I spend most of my time playing.

It does, however, suffer from one major drawback. Many of us suffer from constant disconnects while playing online. Up comes the dreaded "connection interrupted" with the Ethernet plug symbol. Once you get disconnected, you still get to keep your earned points, but lose any match bonus you might have coming. You also lose contact with your party and group.

This would happen to me pretty much every map. It was extremely frustrating, especially if I was having a good run and leading my team in points. (surprisingly, this does happen fairly often to me! Stop snickering!)
I scoured the net, searching forum after forum, trying to solve this problem. My brother-in-law lives 5 minutes away from me, uses DSL, like me, and rarely ever gets "dc" (disconnected). However, he is with Bell and I am with Distributel.

One of the common suggestions I found was to turn on DMZ in your router settings. I had a Linksys router, and turned on the DMZ setting as suggested, but it was no help.

Next was to try bypassing the router all together. I did this, but still nothing changed.

I then realized I had one major difference in my setup that many people do not. My home phone is also with Distributel, as part of the package. My home phone is actually a VoIP line (Voice over Internet Protocol). This means as well as the standard DSL modem, I have a VoIP modem as well. As it turns out, the VoIP modem has a built in router. After a quick call to the Distributel guys, meaning to find out how to disconnect the modem while keeping my Internet connection, I was informed the the VoIP modem has it's own DMZ setting. I turned this on and viola! No more disconnects.

So, if you find yourself having the dreaded "connection interrupted" constantly like I did, and you have a VoIP modem in your setup, be aware that the DMZ setting must be turned in that and not on your regular router.

UPDATE: Here are the steps to turn on DMZ on your VOIP Router:

1: type in in your web browser. It may ask you for a name and password. It's been so long that I don't remember what they were, but I did find them on Google before. I think it was user:password or admin:password or even admin:user. Try combos of that, or google it. You could also call Distributel to get the password.

2: click on the advanced link on the top right hand side.

3: click on the Application tab, and at the bottom you will see the DMZ option. Enable DMZ and put the number 2 in the blank for the ip address next to it.

Good luck!

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  2. i found out how to get in the phone routers settings thing but i cant find DMZ anywhere and plus do you kno how it says PPPOE on the ps3 when u do the internet settings it asks for that so shud i call distributel and ask them for my pass ?

  3. well i called my isp asked them my PPPOE user and pass did that in the ps3 internet connection settings and it couldn't obtain the ip address so i did the DMZ thing on my VOIP router and i put the ip of my ps3 there and i still get disconnected? does that mean i need a new router? not a VOiP router just a regular new router cause thats where my wireless comes from ?

  4. OMG, it actually worked! I used to get kicked out of every CoD matches. I tried forwarding the ports, putting the ps3 on DMZ (on the router) and all but it didnt help. With this fix, I'm at my 3rd consecutive game and still no disconnection.

    Sir, you now have a big place in my heart.

    1. Glad this post was helpful to you! It's getting kind of old now, so it's good to know people are still finding it on the net.