Saturday, January 29, 2011


DVDStyler is the program I use to burn all my movies and TV shows. It can encode your videos from pretty much any format to proper DVD format, and it does it much faster than other free programs I have used. It seems to encode at a rate of about half the time the actual video is, so a one hour movie will encode in about 30 mins.
Creating a dvd menu in this program is extremely easy. You can set any picture you like as a background. In the sample above, I added a wallpaper image as the background, and simply created text links to each episode. You can also drag each video marker on the bottom to the menu window in the middle and it will create a still image from that video to use as a selection marker. Overall, very simple and quick.
Click here to go to the DVDStyler website.
I have no problems recommending this FREE program to anyone that has videos they need to burn to DVD.

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